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What does your favorite color reveal?

Updated: Jun 20

Colors do tell us a lot. They can give you energy, make you happy, alert or calm you down.

When creating a new brand, I also consciously choose the colors that best match the essence of the brand.

Brands are just like people.

Now, if we would turn it around. We let people pick a favorite color. From this choice, you can deduce what kind of personality is hidden behind this color. Do you find it Interesting? Do you want to test it yourself?

Go ahead. Which color would you choose: RED, BLUE, YELLOW, or GREEN?

Read here what your favorite color says about you:

🔴 Red: Confident, result-oriented, assertive, decisive, good negotiator, independent, courageous, dynamic, ambitious.

🔵 Blue: Reliable, careful, analytical, objective, quality-oriented, structured, responsible, intelligent, and logical.

🟡 Yellow: Enthusiastic, optimistic, communicative, creative, energetic, inspiring, social, flexible, innovative.

🟢 Green: Friendly, empathetic, helpful, patient, diplomatic, understanding, calm, reliable, nurturing.

💬 Does it resonate with you? I look forward to reading your comment :)

🍊✨ Do you want to know what colors can influence your brand?

I look forward to hearing from you!

*If you want to know more about this, google “DICS” colors.

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