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Logo Design

A logo in 5 steps:


1. The story behind the brand / company.

In order to achieve a unique logo for your brand, which reflects the essence of the company, it is super important to take the story behind the brand as a starting point. A good explanation, the briefing is very important. Below I have listed a few important questions that should be clear before you start to think about ideas and concepts for your brand.


  • What does your company stand for?

  • What is the objective?

  • What do you want to radiate?

  • Briefly describe your company. Preferably in 5 words.

  • What distinguishes your company from the rest, what is it that makes your company unique?

  • Describe your target audience



2. Look around.

Do a market research. What does the rest do? How do the competitors communicate? What stands out. This also helps to map out how you can stand out in a unique way.


3. Logo design, the design phase.

If there is no name yet. Think of a good name for a company, preferably a creative, unique company name. A name that can easily be remembered. An appropriate name. A name that sounds good. A name that is as close as possible to the essence of the company. Important: Check what the name means in other languages. Also ask others what they think of the name.


If you have the name you can start sketching. Scribble ideas that come to mind. Always keep the core of the company in mind. Initially, it's not about details but purely for conceptual design. A good idea with a message, a story that perfectly matches the essence of your brand. An original idea. Dare to think differently! Trust your intuition.


If you have already collected quite a few ideas, it is time to select. And possibly to combine, or to leave out. Make it as simple as possible. Less is more!

This is always a different process. I know that when I'm on the right track when I feel like jumping. Well ...


4. Typography and colors.

Do you have the basic concept, the big idea that makes you happy? Then it´s time to combine a matching typography. Play with the fonts. It works best if you first work in just black and white. If you have a strong image, you can add the color. Which color or font you use also depends entirely on what kind of brand it is. Every color has a different feeling.


  • Red for love, romance, energy, strength and passion.

  • Orange radiates enthusiastic, young, cheerful, warm, cheap / affordable.

  • Yellow is associated with energy, optimism, cheerfulness, the sun.

  • Blue creates confidence and stands for cleanliness.

  • Green is often associated with health and nature, tranquility and purity.


Sometimes it is very appropriate not to use an obvious color.


5. Preparing the logo for use

If you are completely happy with your concept, you have to vectorise the design. I use Illustrator for this. You can easily adjust the colors, add the typography, and play until you achieve the desired result in this program.


I hope I was able to inspire you to come up with a good and effective logo and corporate identity design for your own brand, company or service.



Or can I help you with the logo design?


I look forward to hearing your story and I am happy to help! This way we can come up with a unique and appropriate logo together.


I work with a pre-agreed price, so that you will not be faced with surprises.


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