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"How do you get inspired?" "Where do you get your ideas from?" These are a few questions that I often get. Here are a couple of ideas that for me work well.


  1. Work in a quiet place, preferably with a view.

  2. Make sure you are in a relaxed mood.

  3. Have positive energy around you. Put on some nice music that makes you happy. Put a flower in a vase on your desk.

  4. Try to think "out of the box". Be crazy, dare to think different. Standard is boring and already exist.

  5. If you do not have it clear for a moment, step back. Go for a walk. Take a fresh look when you are back.

  6. Finally, an idea which my father always did and it works also for me. Place a sketchbook next to your bed. I always get hunches in the early morning. It is nice to immediately write down the ideas now you don´t forget them.

  7. COFFEE!


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