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Branding goes much further than a creative company name, coming up with a logo, designing a corporate identity, or a packaging design . Branding is about conveying, communicating the essence of a brand, a company or service. The look and feel, the personality of the brand. The added value. The tone of voice. It is the feeling that you convey as a company.


The story behind your company, your unique product, the unique feeling of your service, this visual communication, that is exactly what I can help you with!


Think of means of communication in the broadest sense of the word. Packaging design , logo design , corporate identity design , devising a company name, print design, web design, but also concepts for textile design such as T-shirt design and accessories. I strive to match the brand design to the company's promise. This wel make the clients feel confident and connected to the brand.


I have gaint more than 20 years of experience with brand packaging for beautiful brands and companies large and small. I find it just as great a challenge to be able to restyle the Verkade packaging line as it is to come up with a logo & brand identity for a day care mum . I work with a lot of passion and energy on the design process and my goal is only achieved when the customer is happy with the result.


So its not only important te make a beautiful packaging. The story of the company must be reflected in it!


Good branding will bring you:


  1. Exudes confidence.

  2. Distinctive, therefore recognizable and easy to remember

  3. Increases the credibility of product, company.

  4. Attracts the right target audience.



Design your brand?

Send me a message, I'd love to hear your story. Happy to help! I work with a previously agreed budget so that you will not be faced with surprises.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Property right

  • Unique design that reflects the essence of your brand / company.

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