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Sunrisa, delicious watermelons from Catalonia

🍉☀️ I had the opportunity to create the corporate identity for a new brand of watermelons, a delicious seedless product grown in the Ebro Delta in Catalonia. I also came up with the name Sunrisa! The whole package :) I really enjoy working on these projects from scratch to a complete identity 😋!

The name "Sunrisa": ☀️+😀= 🍉

✨I created a distinctive girl who conveys joy as a symbol. The girl serves as the initial letter of the name. It's also cool to use it separately, for example, as a profile picture on social media. Together with the handwritten letters, it forms a recognizable and distinctive logo that adds personality to the brand.

Does it bring a smile on your face? 😀

🍊✨I would love to help you make your brand shine and show the world what makes your product so special! ☀️

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